Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tressel & Katzenmoyer

For all you Ohio State fans out there, you absolutely know who Tressel and Katzenmoyer are. Tonight at Dodd, we visited a patient whose daughter had 2 labs named Tressel and Katzenmoyer - whom they called Katz for short. So they had a dog named Katz - and we were laughing about it, and I told them, no biggie, I had a cat named Scoobi. The patient was laughing at them asking them what happened to the good old dog name of was cute.

She was fabulous tonight as usual. The house was pretty quiet - we definitely see less patients this time of year because they go to sleep earlier. But everyone who saw her was glad to see her. Morover, we have a number of patients going home before next Wednesday, and that is always very, very good news. One of them was a man named Roger - the past 2 weeks we have seen him, he has not been able to speak. But tonight, he spoke loudly and clearly and told Chelsie what a beautiful dog she was. The therapists there are pretty freakin amazing.

We are now resting in bed - the trip in Indiana wore mom out, and she is tired. We hope everyone is having a great week and that the Christmas spirit has come upon them!!!

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