Friday, January 16, 2009

How do people live in Siberia?

Minnesota? Wisconsin? North Dakota?

I understand the concept of layers, blankets, etc...however, I am not convinced that humans are meant to function in the cold we are currently experiencing!!! My car this morning on the way into work read -4 - yep, you read right. First time I ever saw my car thermometer read negative. My garage door gets crabby in the cold and sticks, so I have to get out of the car to open it and close it (just sort of help it up and down). The mileage on this tank of gas is blown, as I require at least 5-7 minutes of warm up in the morning, as my princess-y, thin California blood is not tough!! Today, I have on a wool sweater my parents brought me back from London (it is a Barney's - probably the only thing from Barney's I will ever own) and my Ugg boots....and my heater blowing on me. I could still stand to be warmer.

On the flip side, this is good for job bonus...etc. I think I will contribute to Columbia's usage numbers this weekend and turn my heat up - my thermostat is set to go to 63 when I am not home...but 63 when is below zero outside is not going to cut it. Our opps guys have repeatedly said "This will be a good test of our system" about this weekend - our systems are designed to be able to handle specified maximum loads, and this weekend, we will definitely be close to what are called "peak" loads. I am just glad not to be the house on the street that had the Buckeye Heating and Cooling van in the driveway this morning...what a mess that would be!

Stay warm every one!


Becky said...

Agree! Stay warm. January is 1/2 way over!

The Monroes said...

this is insane isn't it?