Monday, February 9, 2009

New Profile Heading

Being as it was 45 and not raining tonight, I decided to take Chelsie for a walk. Its amazing how warm 45 feels when it has been, um....3 as few as 3 days ago! At any rate, I had quite the list of things I wanted to get done tonight, and on the list was to take Chel for her walk. I decided that I wanted company, and called neighbor Jude to see if he wanted to go with me.

Jude is a great neighbor - very concerned about my safety, looks out for the house in general and would come pick up some dead varmint for me if my dad and brother were unavailable. He is generally not thrilled that I walk around our neighborhood at night (my parents are not thrilled for that matter either!) but it is just not practical to think I can walk her in the daylight in the winter. So he agreed to come for a walk with me.

Over our 3.5 mile trek (yes, folks, at 7 yrs old, it still takes that and more to wear my little bean out) we were discussing our relationship woes. He recently broke up with his GF and you all know about my situation. It should be noted Jude is a good, Conservative arms bearing Republican - I jokingly call him the "Backyard Republican Militia". (this is important for later) So I was telling him about the whole thing, and we started talking about the types of guys I was looking for. This is the new profile heading we came up with:

"In search of a god fearing, conservative white anglo saxon male with substantial economic potential. Should not be afraid for his woman to carry more than one form of personal protection".

This was an hour of conversation summarized into a few sentences for profile header purposes. It provided great conversation and many laughs for us. Now, for the record, I don't actually intend to post this, but they very thought of it actually makes me laugh. I hope it made you laugh too. :)


The Tuckers said...

don't be so picky.... :)

Becky said...

Funny! Sounds like a girl that knows what she wants!