Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It wasn't broken....

So why did my dentist insist on fixing it?

The only health care change I had to make when I changed jobs was my dentist. I found a new one - one that is PAPERLESS, which is wonderful! Close to home, nice people, etc. So on my first visit, I get the normal bite xrays...and it turns out one of my fillings has "leaked" and there is still some cavity that needs to be filled. I looked at the xray - just a tiny dark spot, but practically on top of the nerve of my tooth. I ask can we watch it, of course the answer was no.

So I get it filled, no problem...within a week, I had such sensitivity I could not chew on that side of my mouth. So I go back, she drills a little more and tells me that sometimes the alignment of our bite is different when we are numb, and if it is off, the misalignment can sort of "bruise the teeth" and make them sensitive. She said the new shape of the tooth should help, and to give my teeth a chance to heal. Ok, I can live with this - there is an end in sight.

THIS WAS OVER 4 WEEKS AGO....AND SWISHING MY LISTERINE (STORED AT ROOM TEMPERATURE!) IS STILL INCREDIBLY PAINFUL!!! I hate to be a pansy, but something is not right over there. I do think I am going to have to go back...which i am not excited about...I have this pit in my stomach that tells me really the only option left at this point is a root canal...UGH.

The tooth was causing me no issues at all prior to the visit. It wasn't broken...so why did she try and fix it????? And force me to live with discomfort since about January 19th????? Ugh.


The Tuckers said...

had the same issue once.... not sure why I ever let them "fix" a tooth, it too turned into a root canal and now 6 years later they are talking removal....umm no, I want all of my teeth....I will never make that mistake again!

Becky said...

Oh ... I am SO sorry. The dentist is such an unfun place. By the way, thanks!! I LOVE my new WHBM shorts ... fabulous!