Monday, March 30, 2009

Teeth Update

This afternoon, I visited the ear, nose and throat doctor. According to him, my sinuses are "angry and inflamed". I am having a CT scan next week to make sure nothing else is going on, but he does not think the teeth and sinus inflammation are related. In the interim, I got an antibiotic to help the sinus issue. If the CT scan is clear, we will talk about other options in my follow up, next Thursday.

I was surprised that I had a sinus infection. I pretty much told the nurse I did not think there was anything wrong with me. Guess self diagnosis is not always the best answer. :)

So stay tuned. I ate some salsa at lunch today and got some on those teeth and is still hurt....GRR. Thank god Monday is almost over!

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The Monroes said...

Wow, I hope you find out what is going on! Maybe a new dentist? If the sinus thing isn't what is causing it...something is going on.