Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where have we been?

We have been running around like crazies, that is where!!! And to be truthful, I am absolutely exhausted.

Last weekend, we went to Louisville for a dog show. Not our greatest weekend, we were 2-6 with no double Q's. We left on Thursday and did not get home until Sunday at 7:30 - this was a big trial with lots of dogs, running small to tall. Boo on small to tall! But it was fun to get away with friends, and good to experience competing in a different venue. The issue of course was the handler, not the dog. We competed on our home turf this weekend, and mom worked a few things out...amazingly enough, she was 2-2 on Double Q's. She is resting quietly on the bed with me. :)

I have also been pretty focused on working out - I feel better, look better and sleep better, so I have really been forcing myself to make time for the gym, even if it is only 20 minutes. I have a little gym at work - certainly not the nicest gym in the world, but it is cheap ($5 payroll deduction) and convenient. I have been going after work, which also has the benefit of missing rush hour traffic. I can be home in 20 minutes, eat dinner, and take little miss Chelsie Belle for her walk. I am a night owl...which is a problem on school nights. I am working hard to change that...which is easier said than done. The exercise has made a difference.

This weekend, in addition to getting 2 double q's, I also got to spend some time with the Quisenberry's and see Ohio State's first game in its new stadium. Thursday was my little Tigger bug's 1st birthday (where has time gone??) and Saturday was her birthday bash. Although I actually missed the party, the post party was a little more quiet and I got to spend a little more time with the kids. B and I tool Bryce on a walk around the block while he rode his tricycle..the weather was gorgeous (oh, please let spring be here!!!) Before that, I got an early hall pass out of course building and headed up to watch my softball girls beat the Spartans of Michigan St in their big ten opener. Those ladies are not afraid to swing their sticks!!! Final score - OSU 8 MSU 0. GO BUCKS!!!

Finally...the basement. IT IS ALMOST THERE!!! My parents have graciously agreed to touch up the trim and chair rail before carpet, which is the last thing that will happen. I had the solar lighting people out on Friday, I am going to get some solar lighting in the pantry area in the kitchen, which will make a huge difference!!! I hope to pick out carpet this week...and maybe next weekend, I will be able to reclaim my basement????? I promise...when things settle a little, I will put an album of the MESS, I mean basement. :)

Is it any wonder I am exhausted? And to think, we start the whole process all over again tomorrow. I better get to bed soon....

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