Thursday, June 11, 2009

Still Doing Good Work....

Last night, after a week off, we went back to Dodd. It was nice to get back into a familiar setting. Even though there were lots of rooms we could not go into, we were there for a whole 90 minutes. I think she was looking for someone to call DPS for her - I made her do her trick where she had to leave cookies her cookies on her paws in her "down" until I tell her she can eat them...people love to see it, definitely not her favorite trick.

She continues to really settle in to being a great therapy dog. Our first patient was an older man who probably petted her for about 15 minutes...she just stood next to his bed, head down while he scratched her ears - all of course, with the tail wagging. She got to show him her treat trick....

The last people we saw was this lady and her sister - she had been in a motorcycle accident and had broken both legs and her hip. She also unfortunately lost her husband in the process, as a car ran a stop sign and did not see them. But they were really inspirational - were joking that they were going to have to implement a "no visitor" night a few nights a week so she could shower. The lady's sister was an occupational therapist at some school and they just got out for the summer, so she was going to stay with her sister and help her rehab. They were super sweet and super nice and I was very, very glad I was able to visit with them.

After of course, was agility...last night was a lot of fun. Instructor Dave made us practice our rear crosses (YUK) but it was fun. My classmates are a lot of fun - we were in rare form last night, being louder and more obnoxious than usual!!! All the women pick on this one guy....we are brutal. But he takes it in stride and we have a lot of fun. My agility friends are very good for me.

It is raining here, so no softball tonight...gotta get home and let the baby angel out as she REFUSED to go out this morning. It was raining and thundering and she does not like to go out in that. It let up for a minute and I got her out the garage...but as soon as her first little paw went out of the garage a huge clap of thunder came and she was right back in....poor thing. But it is supposed to be nice this weekend, so we will take it! Off to happy hour to celebrate my friend Amy's graduation from OSU with her MBA!!!

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Becky said...

That is so awesome that Chels is such a great therapy dog. Love it .. I know that would brighten my stay in the hospital.