Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Warrioring and a Slumber Party in Marysville

Greetings from Marysville! Chel and I had to see refuge with the Grand Paw (grandma is in California watching cousin Jen's baton core in the Disneyland parade) because it was 83 in our house when we left at 9PM tonight! The AC, although noisy, had still managed to cool the house until this morning...actually last night, I guess. I got in from Mexican and Margaritas to find the house at 76 when it should have been 72...and it was all downhill from there. We came to Mville to get some sleep and so that Chel would have someplace cool to go during the day - no way she could stay at home.

This weekend, I was a wakeboard warrior. I was out with my friends Amy and Gerrie - we went to Alum Creek on Saturday for some tubing and then over to Griggs for wakeboarding. Alum Creek is just way too crowded and choppy to wakeboard...Griggs was much better. I regained my confidence on the board this weekend - I was struggling to stand up because I was letting the board drag in the water and my weight was going forward..bad things happened the last time I did that. But I was much faster at getting the board turned out of the water, and amazingly, you stand up quickly when you do that! It was awesome...Saturday we did what has become our new tradition of El Vaquero after we were done and then grilled out in paradise this afternoon. We are all beat.

I only really had one scary moment this weekend (MOM - DON"T READ THIS!!!)...I really wanted to make it through the boat turning around. First time around, when Gerrie went to turn, we ended up going through someone else's wake and I could not hold on...darn it, I really wanted to do that. Second time around, I made it!!! I was terrified about halfway through..I was going really fast - and was 70 feet behind the boat...I stayed calm, held on for dear life and MADE IT...until we came through our own wake going the other direction. Boo. I couldn't save it. Fall was painless tho and I am greatful for that. Gerrie asked me when I got back in the boat if I was going to let go halfway through - I told her I thought about it but then realized my crash would rival the one from a few weeks ago. She laughed and agreed it would have!!!

All in all, great weekend. Short work week, thankfully, and I will be back in business in my own room here shortly. Just greatful that my parents and bro are here so I am not in a hotel room or infringing on someone else!!!


The Monroes said...

That looks like so much fun and you look like you are concentrating very hard! Glad there were no injuries this time!

Becky said...

Sounds like a great time - does Chels like the water?

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Glad you had somewhere to go get cooled off--both indoors and outdoors! Great action shots!