Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back to Recover...

I hope everyone had a very safe and happy 4th of July. Chelsie and I had a very busy one, and both of us are exhausted.

Our weekend started on Thursday afternoon - with a three hour nap. I was supposed to take all day off, but I had things I wanted to get done. My boss gives us the afternoon before every holiday off, so we broke in our long weekend with a on the couch, bean on the floor.

Although Friday was sort of a crappy day here, I braved the waters of the Scioto River to work on my wakeboarding skills. No major face plants, broken ear drums or anything like that to report. We celebrated the holiday here afterward by grilling some yummy steaks.

Fast forward to Saturday, when my friends Amy, Gerrie and I packed up all the pooches and took them down to Hocking Hills for a six mile hike. Chelsie LOVED it..she was a great little hiker. There were a few spots where we could let them off leash into the water...seventh heaven for my little water beast. The weather was overcast and actually rained at a few points, but we were in trees so the weather was perfect for a hike. All three dogs passed out in the car...and my little bean slept most of the day today. Headed to Uncle Joey's after for a BBQ and then came home and passed out. Cold....until 9:30 this morning.

Imagine how excited I was to change a load of laundry this morning and find that some plumbing from my master bath was leaking. My inappropriate words came out, and I headed upstairs to call for reinforcements. My dad came up and diagnosed a problem with the shower $8 part has been purchased and he and my brother will put that in later this week. Until then...I am showering in the bright, cheery "happy bathroom".

After leaving my dad when we left Home Depot, I went out to blow off some steam on the water. No spills or anything...but there were some idiots out there. I came close to what would have been a nasty spill once...I am still working on getting comfortable with my weight on the "toe edge" of the wakeboard - you literally have to lean back over your back shoulder, almost off balance to get your edge into the water. Any slight wobble and I let go because I still can't regain my balance with my body in that position - YET. Well, on one run, as I go out to the left of the boat (in my awkward position), out of the wake, I see this idiot flying by on my left...and realize I am in a very bad place for me - about to go through his wake in a position I am not yet comfortable in. I realize what is happening and try to get back behind my own luck. Thankfully, it was somewhat of a controlled crash - there was traffic ahead and this guy was trying to pass us to jockey for position ahead...moron. Lucky for him I was ok. My boat driver was ticked. We did our usual Mexican and Margaritas...and then I came home and mowed and cleaned my car. Last load of laundry about to go in and I need to look at one thing for work before I crash out...I am sure it is not surprising that the dog is already crashed...

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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Becky said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. Hope your Monday is low-key.