Thursday, September 17, 2009

Already Thursday??

I guess time does truly fly when you are having fun.

Today's fun started with the phone jolting me out of bed at 5 30. We got up and took a couple of people from our group to Davos, Switzerland, where they caught the Glacier Express that will eventually take them to the Matterhorn. By 8 30, we had dropped them off, were all starving again and felt like we had put in a full days work. Of course we hadn't, so we pressed St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Someone had told us this was a beautiful place - and indeed it the middle of the mountains. We drove through some of the tighest, straight up haripain turns you had ever seen - sometimes behind trucks and RV's, sometime next to semi trucks that did not know how to stay in their own lane. Did I mention usually that was when we were next to a HUGE drop off??????

But the drive was worth it, and once we got there, it was gorgeous. A little hazy and foggy, but you could still see plenty. I had looked up this cable car ride I wanted to do, so we did it and man was it beautiful! Up 10,380 feet into the Swiss Alps. The top was clouded over and we could not see much, but it was still amazing nonetheless. Thankfully, we had a pretty good handle on navitgating down the mountain, and that took about half the time of going up. We drove through Lichenstein, this tiny little country on the way home, and discovered we made it home in time to see the US team practice at the venue where the competition will take place. Tomorrow, we will go out decked in red, white and blue to cheer for our team.

Overall, it has been a great trip. We have packed a lot into 4 days, and now, the compeition is starting! We are talking about heading to Oktoberfest this weekend up in Munich, but we will have to see what the running order is and right now, we don't have enough information to devise a plan.

I have posted an additional 150 photos to FB - I figure if I don't do it now it will never get done, so enjoy. On that note...I am off to pass out again!!! Hope all is well across the pond!


Anonymous said...

Nicole, what beautiful photos!! Of course the scenery is beautiful! It sounds like you're having a GREAT time seeing as much as you can around the competition. Enjoy the rest of the time. Love, AT

Becky said...

It does sound like you are having a wonderful time! I love Switzerland ... want to return someday. Enjoy!