Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Innsbruck and Salzburg, Austria

So my goal was to come here and see how much I could do in Europe in 8 days. Keep in mind I came to watch my friend Jenn compete in the World Agility Championships. The compeition starts Friday and ends Sunday. The US team has 2 of the 3 gold medal winners from last years event currently on the team - plus, Jenn has been on the team 4 times and has won a bronze and silver medal in her height with her dog Guess. This is her first year with Blaster.

So lets see...we got here Sunday afternoon...Monday, we went to Neuschweinstein Castle in Fussen, Germany and Tuesday we went to Innsbruck, Austria and then on to Salzburg, Austria (the hills were indeed alive with the Sound of Music!!!!) I had always wanted to go back to Fussen to see this white castle - and I am glad I did. It actually was not all that great inside, a lot of it was unfinished, but the scenery around it was beautiful and amazing. It did not help that it rained all day...

Innbruck, Austria was AMAZING! It is this beautiful little town tucked into the Alps, and was twice the site of the winter Olypics in the 70's/80's time frame. We went to the distance ski jump venue - you know, where the guys go striaght down the hill and jump as far as the can. When covered with snow, you don't get the full appreciation of this thing. It is amazing. I will try to post photos...but not tonight, I am too tired. We also went to the bobsledding venue - and actually got to lay in the track! It was pretty amazing! Jenn and I pretended to be a team from the USA - we of course won gold and then walked right over to the podium to get our medals. I will post photos of that too.

After than, Jenn and her contingent went back to Lustenau (her coach had asked her to return to the hotel at night) and some of us went on to Salzburg. What a gorgeous old city. It is actually very, very close to Germany - in fact, it took us an hour to get from Salzburg to Munich. We enjoyed walking around the city and then took a tour of the fortress in the city this morning. It was gorgeous. The tour included models of how the castle evolved, which really helped to put things in perspective.

We intended to go to the Hofbrauhaus after in Munich but we stayed later in Salzburg and then got lost trying to get there. We waved as we drove by, and headed back to Lustenau, as we had the team supporter dinner at 7 15 tonight.

Tomorrow, we are leaving at 6 30 and taking some people in our group to Switzerland to catch a train that will take them through Swiss glaciers. We will then bum around Switzerland - no real destination, we will know when we get there.

I would be remiss if I did not comment on how truly beautiful the scenery is here. I have really tried to appreciate that I am in the Alps and make the most of every view. Austria is such a beautiful country...I had no idea.

I am exhausted, despite calling it in early last night and getting 12 hrs sleep. We have walked a ton, and I won't lie, my little tootsies are tired. My whole body is tired!

I hope everyone is doing well. I have posted photos to FB, but none of them are from the last 2 days...just too tired. Will do my best to get some more up tomorrow. Hope everyone is well!

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The Monroes said...

You are making ME tired! Nice work, take it all in and enjoy!