Sunday, September 20, 2009

Did you know....

That men don't wear underwear under liederhosen??? My useless fact of the day...obtained straight from the source. And where would that source be? Why, the men wearing the OKTOBERFEST IN MUNICH!!

Today, instead of going to the compeition, a group of us piled in the car and went to Munich to Oktoberfest. It was CRAZY!!! We drove up to Dachau, north of Munich, because someone from our group had taken a train from there to Munich. We followed all the people in Liederhosen, and next thing we knew, we were at Oktoberfest!

Basically, it is a bog street fair, with tons of biergartens, tons of food and tons of drunk people running around in Liederhosen. It was a blast - one of those things that as I am sitting here typing this, I still can't believe I have done. It was on my list of possible things to do while I was here, but was not sure it was going to happen based on timing. But this morning, Susan (Jenn's mom) encouraged us to go, so we did. I had a ton of fun - we ate chicken and pretzels (what everyone was eating) drank beer like everyone else (in much smaller quantities) shared a 1/2 meter brat (a huge brat) and I got my crepe...and an amazing experience. Heads up Columbus - Tiffy brought the travel section of the Dispatch and we took our picture right below the "Wilkommen Oktoberfest" sign!!!

95% packed at this point, have to have my stuff down to car at 5 15 to leave for airport. We go from Zurcih to Atlanta and then on to Cbus, est landing time to be 6 40. All in all, I could not have imagined a better trip - got to see places I never dreamed of seeing because I didn't know they were there, met great people and got to see Jenn and the midi team win a silver medal. I am excited to come back and train with Chelsie - we have a three day trial this weekend at Easton. I am so excited to come home and spend time with her - I have missed her so much, as I always do, and I will let her go crazy when I see her. :)

Hopefully, you have all enjoyed my posts - I definitely let loose a little on this trip and had a great time. I am exhausted, but it was worth it.

See everyone back in CBus!!!!

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The Monroes said...

Can't wait to hear all about Oktoberfest and your trip- sounds like a great time!