Saturday, September 19, 2009


This after noon, Jenn's team, the medium dogs (exactly what you think, there are small, medium and large classes here) won silver in the team competition! Yesterday, 2 of 3 dogs were perfect, and today, all three of them ripped off AMAZING runs, right in a row! Nice tight turns, no lost time, all contact obstacles perfect!

Watching all the dogs run was incredibly stressful - and then having to wait for the other teams to run was even worse! The US moved into first place, teams self destructed (went off course, dropped bars) another team moved into first, more teams self was finally over when the second French dog went off course, and then our party started!!!

The supporters got to go down on the turf and do a victory lap with the team, it was amazing! So much fun! There are a ton of supporters here, esp from Austria, Germany and Swiztzerland - for obvious reasons due to proximity. When handlers get eliminated (go off course) the crowd cheers really loud for them - it is really neat.

Its hard to believe our time here is almost over. I had an amazing time, saw more than I could ever imagine, watched a lot of agility and met a lot of really nice people. I have agility shirts from Brazil, South Africa, Canada and France. Jenn has one more run - it is in the individual competition in the standard course. She and Blaster had a little bobble in the jumpers that has pretty much taken them out of the medal running - he was "communicating" with her instead of looking at the entrance to the weave poles. But he more than made up for it with a beautiful run in the team compeition. Jenn's goal is a clean run for tomorrow and then just see what happens. We had a nice dinner tonight in the hotel, and Jenn is very happy with her silver medal - her first team medal in 4 years.

And with that...I am off to pack. My buckeyes won, so I am happy. As has been custom, we will be up and out early, so I am off to bed shortly after that!


The Monroes said...

Way to go team! Have safe travels!

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Congratulations! The victory was the cherry on top of the whole trip, I'm sure! Sounds super exciting!