Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

No other title is appropriate.

I knew when I started planning out these few months of my life, it would be very busy - however, I was not prepared for how busy it is turning out to be! Agility comp, 2 weekends in Europe, three day agility comp...and that was just September! I have this weekend "off" from any planned activities, but the weekend seems to be filling up with things to do - which is why part of my Friday night was spent in the grocery store!!

After this weekend, it is 2 weeks of agility and then the Tucker's are coming to visit!!! I am so excited. Jodi got tix to the Minnesota FB game and turned it into a vacation for them. They will be staying at the casa Paloney, and I can't wait to see what little Dolan James looks like live and in the flesh! I am sure Chelsie can!!!

On another exciting note, I am in the process of confirming some final details for my 35th birthday blowout in Sin City (Las Vegas). I attracted quite the crowd...hopefully the Tucker's, my brother, my cousins Michelle and Kathi and Kathi's hubby Roger and my friends Adrienne and Leno from California. I am very blessed to have such good people in my life to spend such a big day with me!

I also have one other special guest coming to celebrate my birthday - his name is Scott, and I met him through agility. We have been spending some time together as of late, and seem to do very well together. He lives in Eastern Pa, north of Allentown - do the math, that is not close to here at all - which is somewhat inconvenient (ok, INCREDIBLY inconvenient!) He has been doing all the driving as of late due to the flexibility of his job and my schedule, but his agility judging schedule after the first of the year is CRAZY and means that pretty much for the first half of next year, I will be doing most of the traveling! We know things will get pretty hectic pretty quick, and are trying to make the most of every opprtunity we have to see each other. Major faults to date? His MICHIGAN-NESS!!! Yep, you read right. He is a Michigan fan. It is a source of great fun for us actually - however, I must fess up that he did go to the HOF induction for Varisty O last week, and is attending a wedding with me in December where the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe is the site of the reception. For his efforts, I agreed to have my first trip to Pa be the weekend of Ohio State/Michigan - neutral turf. There are already wagers out on that, so the Buckeyes have to win...otherwise, I have to compete at an agility trial in his Michigan jersey. I have attached a few photos for the world to see.

And on a final note, my friend Sharon's guide dog Truth, will officially be retired on October 18th. Sharon was supposed to go to class on 11/29, but they had a cancellation and they called her today to see if she wanted to come. These are the trainers who worked with her in getting her first 2 dogs, and apparently there are 2 in the kennels they feel are quite suited for her. Truthie is 10.5 years old and has earned her retirement...however, she still gets very excited when the harness comes out and very depressed when the cane comes out. Sharon knew this was coming, but it is never easy. :( We will likely see them tomorrow, and then I am going to be errand girl for Sharon on Sunday. So, all my GDB followers that have a puppy close to class ready in Oregon, stay tuned. They get home on 10/31. I can promise you that dog will have a GREAT life - nice big house, nice big yard to romp around in, a mom that likes to go for walks...gee, where do I sign up????

With that being said, it is 12 36 AM and WAY, WAY past my bedtime! Still 30 minutes left of the Galaxy/Fire game though...hmm...what is a girl to do??? Hope all is well for everyone.

And on a final notes...Happy birthday Megan Ellis!


The Tuckers said...

Love the photos... like to put a face to a name... sucks that he likes the team up North.... I can never fully love him now. In this list of negatives that one is in BOLD and at the top...sorry Scott! On another note, it is OCTOBER and we are super excited to be coming out to visit!!!!! We are on the countdown!

Becky said...

So fun to read - lots going on. How exciting Sharon will be going to Oregon - love that campus. I will be there the following week.

Anonymous said...

Finally found this site. It's great to see all the special info about your life! Love the pics of the new man. Despite the fact that he's a Michigan fan, he obviously has many other positive qualities - he's interested in you!

Take care sweetie! Jeanne