Saturday, January 9, 2010

What is your color palette?

My hair lady, Diane (who I met through agility) is awesome...she absolutely loves to make people look great and feel great about themselves. She regularly fusses over my hair for 2 hrs at a time when she colors it, loves to play with color and just get me looking all jazzy. She is also great to shop with, as she is brutally honest about how things look. She also introduced me to the lady that waxes my eyebrows and provides me skin care products (LaRoche Posay products)

For awhile now, she has been after me to get my colors done - this is where they look at all the hues and undertones of your skin, and determine what colors look best on you. My dad years ago told me I should get this done, but I never did. Anyway, on New Year's eve, I was out shopping with Diane, and she picked this shirt off the rack, held it up to her color chart, determine it was in her palatte, and took it into the dressing room. It looked amazing on her. So I was sold. I made an appt for today...and it was a blast. I haven't done too much for myself as of late in the shopping/beauty dept (other than the necessary items, like haircuts and eyebrow waxing) and it was so much fun. I was actually even motivated to go out an shop when I was done. I did not find anything I loved (and therefore bought nothing) but it was good practice matching my colors to clothes on the rack.

My palatte is SOFT AUTUMN...lots of rich colors, I love it. It palatte grew on my very quickly. I took the option where they give do your colors, give you a sample of your color palatte, give you a make up lesson and then give you a make up palatte in your colors. I can't wait to start playing with my make up! I also got a new mineral make up foundation...I had been using Clinique, but the girl told me there were lots of "impurities" in it and that since I used a good line of skin care products, I should really consider upgrading the powder...whatever...I did, of course. Now its time to go thorough it all and clean out the stuff that does not make me look absolutely amazing!!!

If anyone locally is interested, let me know...I recommend it for everyone! It is a lot of fun and will ensure a lifetime of wearing colors that make you feel great abount yourself!


Becky said...

That sounds like such a fun day! I have had it partially done - at a seminar years ago and I was winter. I'd like to do again - its probably much more sophisticated in the whole process. Sign me up :D

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I had a friend (also named Mimi) who did colors, so she did mine years ago. I'm so surprised Becky is a winter, because I'm a winter, too! I can see you as a definite autumn, though--rusts and greens and browns, yep.

The Monroes said...

How fun! I am pretty sure my color is BLACK...period. Just kidding, sounds like a good thing to have done!

Anonymous said...
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