Thursday, February 11, 2010

Attitude Adjustment, Part 2

Ok, so here goes part 2 of my attitude adjustment...

1. Sucked it up and went to gym after work and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. Being as the gym is at my office, I really have no excuse - esp given I did not have soccer tonight. I am glad I is now 9 30 and I feel tired. Last night was a fabulous sleep night...I did not move, making the bed (yes Kel, with all 11 pillows) was very easy this morning.

2. Let pooches play in the snow. Rippy loves to chase his frisbee (what is left of it) and Chelsie took one of her hard bones outside and kept dropping it in the snow so she had to dig for it. Dinner after we came in, then RIP went to look for the cat. Good night in his book.

3. Made yummy dinner - taco salad (with turkey meat and low sodium taco seasoning) Topped it off with a treat - a raspberry toaster strudel. BTW...toaster strudel is WAY better than poptarts.

4. WENT SHOPPING!!!! Had Petsmart gift card, so I got the kids some new filled chew bones. We were out of Bill Jac Liver treats (yum - NOT!) which are high value treats in our house, so got 2 boxes of those and then 3 bags of training treats. I go through a lot of them these days. Got some scissors at BBB - there is a scissors thief in my house. I swear I bought the very same scissors 2 weeks ago...but have ZERO idea of what happened to them. Now I have two pair..and death to the scissor thief. I also looked at mirrors for the bathroom and for some new dishes. I am in the market, but have not found anything that speaks to me yet. So for now, just looking.

5. Remembered tomorrow is an "out to lunch" day! Two of my staff (my newbies) are learning about gas meters (they are actually going to take gas meters apart!) and then we are going to El Vaquero! Chips y salsa!!!! We are also meeting some other peeps there - there was a project team that used to be right outside our door, we really liked all the people on that team. Unfortunately, they outgrew that room and are now at the location where Ryan and Shelley are taking gas meters apart. CHIPS Y SALSA with some old friends!!!

Tomorrow, little bean is going to have the muscle mass in her leg measured. She lost a significant amount of muscle mass all over her body in the first 6-8 weeks after her surgery (she was 57.5 lbs at one point, normal weight about 61-63 lbs), but lost a lot in her leg with the boo-boo. We have been standing and sitting, sitting and standing, walking over her little ladders...all in an attempt to get her muscle tone back. Last measurement was on her last day of rehab - good leg was 29.5 cm and boo-boo leg was 28. Not bad, given we were about 6 weeks out. About the only thing this snow is good for is her leg - she can't do sudden starts or stops and really has to work to tromp through the snow. Other than that, I really have no use for the snow. Sally, the rehab specialist, has a border collie named Griffin, so I told her I would bring in Rippy so she could meet him. So we are having a family trip to the vet in the morning.

Well, attitude adjustment part deux is complete. I still hate the cold...but am a little happier than I was earlier. :) Off to work the dogs for a few minutes and then to BED!!!!


Becky said...

Dinner sounds yummy - love toaster strudels ... agree much better than pop tarts. Always feels good to exercise its getting on that ellyptical that's hard for me. Hope you have a great weekend and sunshine to come ... loved the clip.

Mimi said...

AA Part II sounds much more effective than Part I! I also love Toaster Strudel AND chips y salsa.

Hope Chels gets a good report tomorrow.

P.S. The lady in the dog hair video is not nearly as fastidious as you or me! That hair on the back of the toilet--gross!! Wipe it off, why doesn't she?!!

The Quisenberrys said...

What do they say.......if you never experience the lows then you don't appreciate the highs. Snow makes us appreciate the summer. Hope you don't need a Part Three to your attitude adjustment.