Sunday, February 14, 2010


As of 1:13 AM this morning, all 5 puppies had safely arrived. Not too much from the breeder, other than that all of them were here and 2 of them were yellow males. :)

So now, I am just hanging out waiting to hear about the rest of the litter and where I fall on the list. No one on the list so far has requested any yellow I am not sure if they will change their mind. This is a really nice breeding of 2 really nice dogs from really good lines, so people may change their minds, who knows.

My main issue with a yellow dog is trying to control yellow and black dog hair at the same time. Shallow, I know and I have been schooled not to discriminate against gender and color, only to go for the best dog. So to my fellow bloggers out there, I am open to advice as to your thoughts on managing both colors of hair, and whether or not you have been succesful at it. I wage war on dog hair daily....and am a proud owner of a Dyson D17 Animal, which will suck up a small child if given the opportunity. :)

Happy Sunday!


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I was thinking how smart it was of you to have a black comforter on your bed, since it disguises Chelsie hairs. If you get a yellow pup, I agree, it will be back to the drawing board! I don't have any input, other than to use that Dyson often and hard. ;)

Carrie and Waffle said...

the good news is that as pups they really don't shed much. the bad news is they don't stay pups. We are still dealing with zeb hair and he was her two months ago. at home it is just sweep and vacum.
Clothing is another issue.
think lint rollers.