Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chelsie and Ace's Week

Playing with the kong at his Aunt Carol's house...

So, it seems despite me being gone, my puppies are having a pretty good week. As I correctly predicted, Chelsie is going everywhere with grampie and got an empty peanut butter jar as a treat the other day. She has also had a harassment free week. :) Grampie takes VERY good care of her...I got a call from him on Tuesday night because the bag of food marked "dinner" did not have pills in it and he thought it should. She gets her pills at breakfast. Yep, hard to be a Chel.

As for Ace, well, little Ace. Here is a note I got from Carol, his pet sitter who is watching him. She comes and lets him out every day and he loves her. Here is a recap of the Ace man's day from Carol - note, she took himt to half his puppy class in my absence - she teaches the class we are in at 6 30 and she went early so he could play in his 5 30 puppy class.
Morning started at 5:30, out to potty, breakfast and back to bed!!I was hoping for a lazy morning, had been up extra early the past few days.Able to sleep til 8 !!!WOOHOO
Went for a walk, helped me fill the bird feeders.
He does need to get out and socialize more with strange places, dogs, people. Even though he knows me, he is acting insecure. Jumps on me all the time for reassurance. Hackles come up and he barks at noses, horses, different things. He comes around nicely and could be going through a puppy shyness. See if you can invite yourself over to different peoples houses once a week or so, to see different places, people, dogs, whatever. Its a BIG world!!
BUT, he really is doing well, he is trying hard to listen and be good!
Got home this afternoon, another walk and play with the puppy Kong I made him.
Left for WW early, he got to play in his puppy class for 1/2 hour, then I needed to get ready for my class. He did very well in class. He did refuse tunnel twice, Annette said he was doing that. We were doing small combinations. Jump-Tunnel.
We did a front cross after tunnel to jump. Then we did jump, with a pull to chute. Then jump and front cross to chute.
As far as I was concerned, he was the star of the class. He slept in crate for over an hour while I had class, ran Porsche. Then before we left, I got him out to say hi to everyone in the Run Thru class. Home for dinner.
My gelding was right at fence, so I went out to pet him, and Ace would *woof* and run back. He would come up behind me and try to jump on me for support. I kept telling him to get off. He finally came up behind me a was able to sniff horses leg through fence. Then he was got within a foot of his nose. GOOD BOY!!!

He just crashed in crate!!
Have a good time Mom!
Carol, you rock.

                         Playing at Carol's house...obviously, she lives in a more "rural" area than we do.


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Wow, can we come play at Carol's house?!! Interesting, I never knew that jumping up on someone could mean insecurity. I can see how that's sometimes true now, but I hadn't put it together before.

Glad Chelsie got lots of love from Gramps. An empty peanut butter jar--that's fun!

Becky said...

Sounds like they are both being well cared for -- empty peanut butter jar - what a great idea.