Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I hope everyone out there had a nice, long weekend. My weekend started Thursday night and I can't believe I am still scrambling to get things done before tomorrow....including making my bed with all 11 pillows..

Here is the readers digest version of the weekend...

1. Friday - chips y salsa y margaritas with my friend Lisa, puppy play group with Ace on Friday night.
2. Saturday - on the water by 8 30 (at boat at 7 30), errands and yardwork (it was hotter than moses while I mowed) while grammie kept the babies
3. Sunday - repeat of Saturday, except add Uncle Joey's annual 4th of July party in there
4. Monday - repeat of wakboarding, errands, chores

Wakeboarding went awesome. Worked on getting some air in between my board and the water. What I found out is that it is exhausting. :)

Also got to spend a little time hugging my puppies. On Saturday, little Ace was 20 weeks old. He will be 5 mos old on July 13. Growing up so fast, but is a really good puppy. He is in puppy play group with a bunch of other puppies from our agility circle - no doubt his favorite time of the class was when he was chasing Lucy the Jack Russell terrier all over the yard. He is currently trying to "help" me with paperwork. His sister had a good weekend too, and has been very helpful in entertaining him so I could deal with the paperwork that seems to have taken over my life...

I hope everyone had a great few days. For those of us here in Ohio...try and stay cool. :)

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Becky said...

Can relate - nice long weekend. Glad you had a good one -- sounds like lots of fun. Best wishes back to the Tuesday that will feel like a Monday.