Wednesday, April 13, 2011

14 mos...

Today, little Acie pup is 14 mos old...I can hardly believe it. He is sweet and spicy, saucy and sassy, spirited and spunky all in one.

He has quite the little personality...ALL BOY!!! He is pretty good most of the time, but still likes to get into things...he hasn't quite figured out how to be a little more sly when he hasn't something he shouldn't. He really wants to play with his sister, but his play turns more into harassment and usually results in him getting the spray bottle method of discipline. :) He tries really hard in agility, but is a little distracted. :) Ok, a lot distracted. However, he is still a very young dog and will hopefully grow out of it. Once the game of agility clicks with him...look out. Every thing he does, he does with great gusto. :)

Ace's top ten at 14 mos:

1. Breakfast is still the most important priority in the day.
2. He LOVES his frisbee.
3. He is still a CHAMPION car rider.
4. He loves going out and doing his "practice" at his sister's agility trials and in our basement.
5. He has turned into quite the snuggler and literally gets into his sleeping position by laying on top of me and rolling down into the final sleeping position.
6. He has improved dramatically in his pedicure behavior.
7. He has successfully learned to beg...hard for him because he has a really long, unstable body.
8. He loves to have his belly rubbed.
9. He has springs for back legs.
10. He is very jealous of any other dog that has his mama's attention...including his sister.

So happy birthday little buddy...I can't believe you have been home for a year. You make me laugh every day and are the cutest little stinker I know....


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Umm, hello, but we need a recent picture of him, please!!!! Although the baby picture is super duper cute.

Happy 14 months to little Ace. There is a new yellow Lab puppy coming to the dog park lately, and his name is Deuce. So I always think about Ace when I see him. Maybe you, Chelsie and Ace need a Deuce next--ha ha!!

The Quisenberrys said...

Happy 14 months Ace! You are lucky to have such a great Mommy!!