Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happenings and Such...

Well, it seems I have failed miserably in my attempt to be a better is a snapshot of what is going on in our world.

1. Mother Nature continues to be a craba**. We are so tired of cold, rain, snow, hail and whatever other weather incident out there exsits. Need some sun...pronto.

2. We finally got out of preferred Open purgatory in agility. We are now back in excellent, which means we are running with all our friends again. Looking forward to a 3 day trial this weekend in our own backyard.

3. Pups doing well. Acie continues to grow up and into his own little personality. He is a little turn head sometimes, but he is so darn cute it is hard to get mad at him. Case in point...last night, he snaked part of my avocado off the counter when I went to check on the chicken. He walked into the living room licking his lips and I knew what he had done. Chelsie really likes the new method of discipline I have started with Ace...the spray bottle. I ask him when he is harassing her "Are you supposed to be doing that?" Usually picking up the spray bottle is all I need to do. I am not sure Chelsie has been feeling well as of late..she is actually engaging her brother in play. This is good for my guilt, but not good in the sense that there is more lab than the living room can handle.

4. My trainer continues to kick my fanny...twice a week at 6 30 AM. If I am not in need of a lung transplant when I am done, he is not doing his job, according to him. No worries there, Casey....I am looking for 4 more lungs after 30 minutes. Your filty 40 the other day that is a precursor to the filthy fifty? I might even need 6 lungs after that. My clothes certainly fit better, that is for sure!

5. I continue to be amazed at what a difference paint makes. I painted the top half of my kitchen and my bedroom this weekend. It was just the change I needed. Much thanks to Maggie for the assistance on the bedroom today. It looks fabulous.

6. I have been house hunting as of late thinking I might want some more space. Looked at an AWESOME house on Friday with one huge problem...the pool. Case in point...there was a garden of mulch and rocks 18 inches from the edge. Um, hello? Not to mention a tree in the yard (and the neighbors yard for that matter) right over the pool that was dropping red things. In my prior life, I was a pool man (we had one growing up) and I know how much work they are in the best planned circumstances. Add to that there was an attempt to keep a tree WAY too close to it...I took a look at it and asked my dad "Um, do you see any other possible places for the roots of that tree to go other than through the side of the pool?" He said no. My realtor accuses me of hating trees because I cut them down. :) I do indeed cut them down...but in my defense, the first one was making a mess out of my walkway (roots lifting it) and the second one was just out of place. I mean, come one...who has a Christmas tree at the end of their driveway???

So that is the 411 of what has been going on there. Mama Nature needs to get over is April and the boat needs to go in the water. Not to mention I don't want to freeze for the first session of SB....and my house needs some fresh air going through it.

Hope everyone is well. :)


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

The animal shelter uses the spray bottle for discipline, too--it's harmless and it works! I totally hear you about trees. We only have one, in our front yard, but all our neighbors have WAY too many that hang over the fences and into our yard (our yards are all teeny tiny). I am constantly sweeping and raking up the mess. How exciting to be thinking about a new house, though! Glad C&A are doing so well.

Becky said...

I'm with you on spring coming, soon - please! How fun to be house hunting. Sounds like you've got an awesome trainer ... well maybe you don't feel that way in the middle of your workout, right!

The Tuckers said...

Get a house with a pool and a beautiful happy room for when I come live with you... I would be sad to see your casa go though...

yahadame said...
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